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JoinThe.Space Internships – free publication

We know that there are many talented individuals, who want to start working in the space industry. In response to the publication of the European Student Organizations Catalog “The Catalogue of Space-Related Future Stars” we have been receiving numerous inquiries about internships at space companies.

To connect young, ambitious individuals with these companies, we have prepared a special offer. Until the end of September 2023, internships postings on the www.JoinThe.Space are free of charge.

Is it possible to JoinThe.Space Industry after being 30 years old?

Have you ever wondered if it’s too late to start your adventure and join the space industry? Do you want to change your career but don’t know what the realities of working in the sector are? Are you interested in trying your luck but unsure which organizations are worth applying to? It’s time to dispel those doubts and listen to our fantastic guests who have extensive knowledge of the space sector.

The Catalogue of Space-Related Future Stars

The purpose of this project was to find, to network and engage in conversations with active student organizations in the space industry from Europe. They are the future of the industry and we aim to promote them by providing their descriptions, photos, area of interests and direct contacts.

We hope that this resource will be useful to you and facilitate the establishment of new partnerships. In Q4’23 we want to update the catalogue by the organisations from all around the World.

How to start working In Space Industry

If you’re wondering how to join one of these organizations right after graduation or if you already have experience and would like to transition into the industry, this is the perfect opportunity to gain a better understanding of their activities.

We sincerely thank and are excited about arranging cycle of webinar about working in space indystry. We are gratefull to 7 TOP Polish organisations to join the iniciative and sharing more about their work in the coming weeks. We also extend our gratitude to the 15 student organizations from across Poland that are involved in space technologies for partnering with us for this event. Webinars are in Polish.

Are the expectations of
future stars are out of the world?

If you are curious about which companies in the Polish space industry are most recognizable among students, in which year of their studies students from technical universities start their first professional job, what percentage of students would like to participate in industry events and where they seek such information, what social media platforms young people use, we cordially invite you to read this report.